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Gravity Die Casting

Our gravity die casting foundry is set up to ensure we offer our customers competitive prices and excellent quality.  We can produce gravity die castings in aluminium and zinc up to a weight of 15Kg. All our operators follow precise work instructions to ensure quality is consistently repeated.

Due to the applications our die castings are made for only the best quality of metal is sourced.  This ensures our castings meet our customers demands and expectations.  Certificate of conformances are issued with every delivery of metal along with a chemical analysis.  We are then able to offer full metal traceability from the melt number to finished die casting.

Tools can be made on bespoke frames with hydraulic movement which helps production rates and also extends tool life. Tools can also be manufactured for tilting gravity machines which offer more control over the process and higher production rates.


Gravity casting is the process of pouring molten metal into steel or cast iron moulds where there is no force other than gravity. Once the metal has solidified the mould is opened and the casting is taken out.  As they come from metal moulds it offers very good dimensional accuracy which is consistently repeatable.  

Although usually geared to lower volumes, gravity die casting tools can be automated to suit very large volumes.    There is also a wide choice of alloys that can not be used in high pressure die casting to choose from.



  • Lower start up costs compared to high pressure casting

  • Higher casting rate than sand casting

  • Low gas porosity possible

  • Less finishing and better surface finish than sand casting

  • Undercuts can be produced using sand cores

  • Castings can be heat treated

  • Greater mechanical and physical properties compared to sand casting